Uber "the Axe" Lenis

Medium half-orc that is very shy but good with an axe. Dedicated practice means becoming a formidable foe.


Uber is a shy individual that stands up for the old or weak. His practiced axe skills serve him well in battle, achieving strength and speed in both attack and defense skills. His Orc mother blessed him with good constitution. His parents taught him at home, developing his intelligence as well as instilling wisdom. Because he was home-schooled the first few years of his life, he is shy, and was picked on by other students. Uber rarely fought, but has never lost a fight.


Uber, due to his last name, has been the source of jokes his whole life. His father, a prosperous merchant, met his mother, a talented Orc tailor, in a unique happenstance. Uber’s father was traveling in a small caravan to a neighboring city when they were attacked by forest raiders. He suffered a severe head wound causing him blindness. After wandering aimlessly for several hours, he was rescued and nursed back to health by his soon-to-be mother. Because of this, Uber has promised his mother that he would never be “weak” and fall prey to others. However, in school, though he was bigger than everyone else, he never fought back when picked on, being honorable. He knew that since he was being picked on, others weren’t.

After he joined the Training Academy, he worked very hard at his axe skills, advancing quickly due to his self-motivated, early morning drills. His instructors were tough on him, but he knew why. They expected him to stand up and protect the weak. They could see early on that Uber would become a great warrior.

Uber "the Axe" Lenis

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