Lorcon Gauntlet


A gauntlet made of Bronze Disks and connected with simple leather cords and straps. When put on, the disks melt and surround the hand of the wearer solidifying into a skin tight glove. The wearer is granted a +2 to Strength and the ability to make melee attacks at a range of 15ft.


It is unclear as to the history of this gauntlet, but it may in fact be the Right Gauntlet of the Armor Larcon. It is said that Emperor Larcon wore a powerful suit of armor that made him near invincible. It was this power that he used to carve the Imperium from a broken land. After the Emperor’s death, his children fought over the pieces of the armor and fractured the Imperium into many nations. Over the years, the armor was lost to countless wars. Even the mere rumor of a piece of the armor in a countries position was a convenient enough excuse to fight.

Lorcon Gauntlet

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