Guardians of Terra

Final Exam

Dear Mother,

Today was my final exam. I was grouped with five people who I’d barely met before today. Let’s just say our cohesiveness was not there… Anyway, it started with the cleric, Laniya, channeling her energy to get rid of one of the undead dolls. She got a green light. The next section ended up being mine. I had to knock down some wooden beams, walk across a narrow beam, and disable a trap. Easy, peasy. Of course, all because I didn’t want to crawl through an icky hole, I didn’t get full credit. The next room was full of plants with a wolf chained at the door. The druid, Sazed, cast some spells that had the wolf acting like his puppy and we went through the door.

The next room had a candle in the center. The monk, Itin, said, “This is mine,” and sat down. After that, we waited for, like, 3 hours while he just sat there. Then he said, “Now,” and caught a diamond shaped knife that unlocked the door. We walked through the door and saw a glass cylinder with a key inside. Several colored lights floated around the cylinder. The wizard, Endor, stepped forward, cast some spells and the lights blinked out and the key dropped. We went into a room shaped like an arena. Inside the arena stood four of the teachers. The fighter, Uber, said, “Where’s my test?” His teacher said, “Your test was that you could have completed all the tests easily, but you showed restraint and let others use their strength. The true test is knowing when to use your sword. All of you did well today, but we can’t let you leave without testing your fighting skills. These dolls will be your final test.”

There were four dolls standing at the edge. I was crushed. I’m useless fighting constructs. Mostly I just hung around for moral support while everyone else destroyed the dolls. Finally, I am finished with school! Can you send money?




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