Jorgan Shazel

A Knightly Cleric


Jorgan Shazel, a cleric, is a born fighter. He is a half-elf who typically keeps to himself, but can become a powerful asset in the heat of battle. He is very dexterous, and extremely intelligent, capable of out-smarting and out-maneuvering his enemies, as well as using many useful spells in order to heal his allies, and maul anyone among the ranks of the undead. He is tall and strong, and because of his lineage, very hansom.


When he was 11 years old, Jorgan and his father, a skilled fighter in retirement, were out on a business trip, selling ornate fabrics and linins made by Jorgan’s very own elf mother. Being well known for the quality of their products, the Shazel family was by most means wealthy, and had a reputation throughout their village. As they were traveling down a narrow road, a group of seven ruff looking men emerged from the underbrush, and surrounded the pair. A man from the group, the leader of the gang, stepped forward and asked for all merchandise, money, and any valuable possessions, threatening to kill the two if they resisted. Without hesitation, Jorgan’s father drew his long sword, and fended off all of the men at once, killing four of them, the leader included, and wounding the other three. But alas, the overwhelming odds took there toll on the old warrior, being mortally wounded in the fight, and bled to death. Just before he died though, he gave to Jorgan his long sword. Ever since then, Jorgan has been training to be a cleric, learning all he can to help those in need of protection and healing, not letting anything stop him from becoming all he can be.

Jorgan Shazel

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